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    We built the Frameworks and components
    We deliver the solutions just by stitching them together.
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    We found
    the key for a quality output

    Managing the things with responsibility
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    Quality Delivery
    is the first step of our service marathon...


We are the geeks. We dive through the technologies and provide the right solution to our customers.


We have researched, brainstormed, and designed the building blocks required for every application.


With our innovative bootstrapping models and components, we build stuff with an amazing speed and perfection.

Right Product

Building a right product is not a cake walk. But not that tough with our innovative way of apporaching the problem.


Process is back bone for any successful project. Same for us too.



Project is not a one man show. We colloborate, plan and deliver the things.

code review


No piece of code can escape from our experts scrutiny.

Our approach

Principles that work

We form guidelines. And often we break. But the principle never change - to build the a product.

Flexible to adopt

We wear the shoes of the cusotmers and see through their eyes. To build the right product.

Extended support

Building a right product is one part of the lifecycle. Smaller part. The other part is the support, with which we find more smiles with the customers, that keep recurrring.